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SMT Gasket
  • Excellent grouding characteristics from a wide area of ground
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • The stabilization of components due to mounting levelly
  • Excellent reliability(repeated compression,brine-atomizing test pass)
  • Precise reel packaging for the accurate work
  • Superior thermostable characteristics
  • High adhesion after SMT mounting

Custom Size

Conductive coating layer

Silcone rubber

Metal foil

ITEM Test Method Properties
Material Description Base Material Silicone rubber
Filler(Core) Silver coated Copper powder
Colo Visual Beige
Heat Resistance (°C) Internal Test Method 400°C
Service Temp. (°C) Internal Test Method -40 ~ + 280°C
Electric Resistance( Ω ) Origin HIOKI 3540 mΩ HITESTER Max. 0.9 Ω
Thermo-hygrostat Max. 0.9 Ω
Brine Atomizing Max. 0.9 Ω
Thermal Shock Max. 0.9 Ω
Adhesion Strength (gf) UTM Min. 2000gf
Compression-Deflection Rate (%) 20% Compression Min. 95%
85°C/85%RH, 200Hr
Hardness KS M 6519 (Shore A) 65 ± 8
Flammability UL 94 UL 94-V1
RoHS & Halogen Free Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, PBBs, PBDEs, Br, Cl N.D.
How to order

ELX-SMT-S How-to-orde

Type: H(with a hole), N(without a hole)

Length(mm) ▶︎100 means 1.0mm

Height(mm) ▶︎100 means 1.0mm

Width(mm) ▶︎100 means 1.0mm

W: Wrapping type

Serial Number

For Example:
P/N : ELX-SMT- S- 002 – 003 – 003 – N
Serial Number:ELX-SMT
Type : N(without a hole)
Recommended Reflow Soldering Conduction:

Recommended Reflow Soldering Conduction:

Recommended Solder Land Pattern Design:

Recommended Solder Land Pattern Design