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EMI Absorber

ELXMS-100 has an excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb
grazing-incidence microwave around 10GHz.

Thin sheet pruduct is very easy to cut and apply to the places where absorption function is required.

  • Excellent absorption performance around 10GHz range.
  • Flexible material.
  • Base material is EVA which shows good weather resistance and durable
    against long term use .

X-band, Shipping rader

Supply Size

Standard Supply Size:

  sheet size : 210mm x 320mm

  thickness: 1.4mm

Custom Size

Custom Size


Please specify L and W .

Part Number System

ELXMS-100|Part Number System


width (mm)

Grade Index (ELXMS-100 is absorber for 10GHz)

No. Part Description thickness (mm) Sheet Width (mm) Sheet Length (mm)
1 ELXMS-100210320 2.5 500 1000
Performance graphs

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